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There’s a whole slew of sensors on the iPhone, including an accelerometer and gyroscope. Apple’s software will tell when you ask Siri to do something, as well as the number of fingers you’re using. “What kind of sensor is it?” the CEO asked. “I’m just not sure,” I said. After several minutes, he confirmed how Apple sees such measurements. “You know, they talk about things like the ‘Apple Watch’ as an intelligent watch. Right? There must be something like that. You know. So we can say all kinds of things on it. But you know, we’re not really sure. It’s a very different thing from the iPhone.” Apple’s current flagship phone takes the measurements of the accelerometer, which has a frequency of about 50 milliseconds, and uses them to compute the distance between each finger and the display, so it can tell whether your fingers are moving in relative proximity. That’s where “sensing” comes in. Siri detects both of those attributes and can infer other things. “I would look at how far back you’re going so I know what you’re saying is the end and not the beginning,” he said. He then moved over to his iPhone 5s, which is equipped with a dual rear-facing camera that supports Face ID, the FaceTime video chat feature that’s available when you buy an iPhone and unlocks your phone while you’re with it. “It takes some data,” he said, with the sound of “We’re not really sure” emanating from the iPhone. “So you can use it to figure out what’s going on.”

“We don’t know what else it has, to be honest with you,” Cook said. “You guys have heard all this stuff. But I don’t know if we know what else it has.”
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Apple has never revealed its full camera specs. It is one of several companies working on self-driving cars, which will require cameras that can collect data more quickly and cheaply. But in the months that followed, Apple’s executives repeatedly stressed that nothing would come of the company’s ongoing research in self-driving cars. That research started almost 20 years ago, after Steve Jobs announced that he wanted to create an operating system, not a car, that would allow users to interact with a virtual car. In recent months, Apple’s top executives have talked publicly about how the company may work on self-driving cars in the future, and I’ve speculated about whether they really mean it. “We don

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