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She did say the phrase “I think we’re going to need a second nap.”

No one has had such good luck as The Office’s (mostly) silent Dwight Schrute on this point: “If I didn’t, we’re not going to have a chance. Let’s go to sleep, man. It will probably be our last night in office.”

3. Denny’s

The diner has been in the works for a long time, and NBC’s original pitch didn’t give a whole hell of a lot away about the building. This season sees them move into the larger restaurant, with the opening shot being a bunch of people sitting at a table looking out at the patio. Also, Diner, have you seen the new restaurant design? It’s super, super cool.

2. Ponce de Leon

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No one is ever going to get to say: “Hey, you want to go to Ponce? I know what we did to save this building was great! Great, great, great!” but Ponce was really about a love story, and when the show first ran, it gave us Ponce in the form of the character Darryl, played by Jon Hamm.

I’m not sure how Darryl and Peggy (his wife) ended up married, but they certainly had a lot of great conversations. It was also funny to see Peggy and Darryl get married, even though they met the same day in graduate school at Lipscomb. A lot of Ponce shows have ended in love, but not the Ponce de Leon way: they’ve both moved on to love and family, but the memories and feelings stay with us.

1. The Office

No one has had more than two words to say about the first episode of season seven of The Office on Twitter. But when the show returns — this Saturday night on CBS — the show is going to be so much more than “a bunch of people sitting around a table and talking.”

That’s because the first episode has one of the most insane setups I’ve seen since The Office Season One! Here’s a few quotes from some of our favorite The Office writers, so you can get an idea of our thoughts:

“For two weeks now, people have said I should be on a reality show. So I’m just really excited to come back and have this episode where the people have had an opportunity to really try to win.” — Amy Poehler (Chloe

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