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Ferrari F1 team chief Maurizio Arrivabene said he was keen for Ferrari to sell one or two of its remaining cars before the end of this season.

Ferrari is set to retain a strong percentage of its seats for 2017 with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen leading the team after Fernando Alonso departs next year.

Arrivabene told ESPN FC: “If we are able to continue with our objective, which is to be very competitive [in F1], and if there is a chance for that, it is the strategy that we would like to follow. I could see a scenario of having two or three cars.”

Raikkonen and Vettel will each be a restricted driver this season after missing out on the top tier of categories last year due to their qualifying results.

Arrivabene added that Ferrari’s first priority was securing a long-term supply of engines for 2017.

“We are looking at the possibility of buying two or three engines. It is the goal to buy as many engines as possible,” he said.

“There is a price tag that we cannot even imagine, because in Formula One we are an expensive company, and we want [the engines] as fast as possible. I hope [Mercedes], in particular, will offer us more engines. We are waiting for the other teams to give us a push.”

Told by ESPN FC that Ferrari already has two engines it is looking to acquire, Arrivabene said: “It’s already a possibility. The question is how fast that will be. I would like to drive this year.

“We need to be competitive on the grid, otherwise there is no point in buying two or three engines.”

Arrivabene added that the team has a supply of spare engines for 2017.

“Let’s say Ferrari is prepared to pay one million euros. We have an idea [of buying] five or six of them,” he said. “But we don’t have any specific figures yet.”

Arrivabene said a new engine for Mercedes had not been ruled out, but added that such a move would be difficult to negotiate.

“It is a question of negotiating for an extra six or seven engines,” he said. “Of course we need to look into it. It’s a difficult matter when you have a power shortage.”

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