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If you can’t rhyme or understand rap then you ain’t living it – rap lyrics are not rhyming.

In terms of rhyme and rhythm, rap and rap lyrics are the same (the same kind of). That means when you listen to a rap lyric on YouTube, you don’t have to go digging for the source on how it rhymes (it’s been said that a song can be just a rhyme, but sometimes you still get a rhythm by the repetition of an initial phrase).

And even while we’re looking at the origin of rap (which has changed a lot) we can make a general rule that any rhyming device that rhymes at least a few words can be considered rap (and not just a lot of words).

How can I make a rap song?

So the next step is to make a rhyme. Most rappers use some form of the word “rake” to make their rhyme. So raps will usually start off with rapping in the first person singular (with a name).

And here’s one from Jay Z:

And what can you do with a rhyme?

A rhyme can be used as either a verse or a rap (depending upon the word used).

Rappers can make a rhyme about whatever they think will appeal to the listener. You don’t have to use a particular rhyme if you don’t feel like making a rhyme (the point is, if some rhyme is good enough to be heard, it’s probably not going to be a bad rhyme). Some rap lines are so well known because they’re so catchy, even if there aren’t really any good rhyming phrases.

But remember that rap is not a rhyme. But most importantly, it’s not a word. It’s a way to communicate a message. And if you want to be a rapper, don’t use hip hop in your speech.

Let’s look at two rap verses from Kanye West. The first is a verse about fashion. But the second one is a rap about politics. The rap is pretty interesting:

Let’s try to make some rhyming words. Here are some phrases that rhyme with each other:

rhyme + 1, rhyme + 1 + 2

rhyme + ‘r’

rhyme + the, rhyme + to, rhyme + your

rhyme + to, rhyme

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