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I don’t know…I have a lot of ideas, and I can rhyme a lot of ideas. Some people could make fun of this, but this is how it is. It’s a beautiful rhyme game, and I love to play. I’ll be going to the dance floor in the studio in a couple of months…I want to find my way to my head and write about it. I want to let it all out…that is my dream…and it’s a dream I wouldn’t be living if it weren’t for this experience.

Have you been working on the follow-up singles?

No, I’m still working on my next album; that’s my next work project. But I’m currently working on my first record with my girl [Halsey], and hopefully it’s good…and when I’ve finished, I’ll be doing a lot more, and my next record won’t be a follow-up. It will be an album. I’m excited. I’m excited about the music. And I have some other ideas that I have.

What can the rest of the world expect in 2017?

I have some bigger ideas, and I have some big plans in my head. I’m excited about that.

What else can people expect in 2017?

Nothing good or bad. I don’t plan things in this way, I just want to keep going and keep doing good things. I love this. I think everything just has a nice rhythm and flows. I’m glad I made this journey. I didn’t want to be here, I wanted to make good music, and now I am.
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Can you tell us anything more about what exactly you’ve been working on?

I’m really passionate about making new things — new sounds, new sounds that are like us, like our vibe, and like this vibe of being here in the same city with the same friends, and having fun doing music and working with all this other people. And working on albums with everyone, not just like, my friends, my boyfriend, one other dude, or my girlfriend, but everybody. And working on these new things that don’t exist. I’m just making new vibes in what I’ve been doing in the past couple years. I make new, new things to bring people into the dance, and I make new people to help me get better. I just want to keep doing more good things.

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