How do you spit bars? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapier Fighting Styles

Well, like a lot of people the only way you can spit bars is at a barbeque! You go to the barbeque, you go to the kitchen, you put the bars on your mouth, you spit them right into the pot with the barbeque hot in it.

When did you start drinking?

I started drinking a long time ago! I had a lot of friends who were into it and some of the people I hung out with were also into it and so I just had a lot of fun. I started drinking beer in college and it was a big thing at the time and a real hard thing to get in a lot of places. So I was a drinker, but not like a lot. It wasn’t a big deal to me because, as far as drinking go, that was my thing.

Did your first drink come from a bar?

No, no bar ever put me in any trouble. I started drinking when I was just really, really, really into punk music but I didn’t care to start drinking or anything so it went on that way for a real long time.

Where did you get your first hit of weed?

It was at a place called Club Don Pedro in San Sebasti├ín, where everybody was on crack. But I also used to grow my own and get it from this dude named Tony. Tony used to grow his own pot and stuff so he has a whole bunch of weed in his house but nobody knows about it. But he’s really, really good about his weed, he keeps a lot of it in the back, behind his back and out of the way and he’s really good at keeping it out of this way and that way.

What did you do with all that weed while you were growing it?

Tony would tell me to take it outside in the bushes and, of course, I had to take it outside, so I would get the leaves and I would grow a fire in the back. It was something I was really, really into, man! I was super into it, man. And they actually sent me to a club called The Blue Bunny for a party and we made a huge deal over the little bit of weed we got and they made all these videos and made it a big deal.

You really liked it?

I was really into it.

What did you drink for that party to help you get the smoke up?

A lot of

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