How fast can Eminem rap?

Let’s find out.

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis – “I Am Alive”

“The most famous moment of the song is this one: Macklemore sings the chorus out, screaming his head off in his falsetto. It’s almost too ridiculous to take seriously, but it’s a perfect example of why Eminem was more popular than anyone at a time when his music had not made the leap to radio. He was a true star of the underground rap scene, and while nobody was really taking the time in 1997 to think of the lyrics aloud to rap songs, Eminem was already taking the time to sing them. It’s clear that they were taking quite a bit of that time to write. With all his attention on his own music, Eminem seems more aware than any rap artist of the public’s appetite for an artist with a sense of melody in the same way that Elvis Presley was known to the public for a good half-decade after the fact.” – James McQuivey, Rolling Stone

Rihanna – “Work”

3 Ways to Write Lyrics to a Rap or Hip Hop Song - wikiHow
The title of Rihanna’s most-hated song is not exactly a secret. While the track sounds like an epic rap with a few guest verses and synths, this particular line has been an ongoing point of contention among fans since early 2006: It’s “a f–king piece of s–t?” Or, if you’re an old schooler like us, it has a whole new meaning: It says that Rihanna is a piece of s–t. It’s a clever bit of meta-commentary. The line is only the one that people are talking about, but a lot of fans have been using it as a way to try to understand how different the song is from the original. Some have even decided to use the line to compare the music that Rihanna wrote for “Work” to its actual lyrics, like “Work is a f–king f–king piece of s–t. And this, I will tell you, is a f–king great song!”

Bieber – “Uptight”

“The best way to define how a song sounds on an iPod is to ask that a person who can’t speak English to sing it,” wrote DJ Jazzy Jeff in 2011. “I say it’s a f–king musical f–king machine.” As well as being a classic pop hit, the opening verses of the track have since become a huge source of controversy, with those who