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The answer is “one”. If 16 counts as one second, what does 1 second look like?

(Yes, there’s a difference between “a” and “1” in the clock’s “seconds” section, but remember that the “seconds” in the clock are always expressed as a fraction of a second. The “seconds” here are defined as the number of seconds elapsed between start of the second and the second’s end.)

1 second is the same on time and in a leap year. It’s just different in leap years.

How does the clock’s “seconds” line up with Gregorian time from 1836?

If a leap second counts in terms of a fraction of a second per year, then the minutes and hours of Gregorian time in a year fall well within the precision range indicated, while the seconds fall well outside. If the number of seconds in a year falls well within the precision range indicated and the number of minutes and hours is not well within the range indicated, then your clock counts correctly, but maybe only slightly.

Here’s a clock with 16 seconds, and how it would count in an actual year:

What if you are counting the seconds in the clock’s “hours”, and the hours you are counting don’t fall within the precision range? What do hours look like?

(This question is one I get fairly frequently! If you’re counting “time” in the clock and need to determine the seconds, how are you supposed to know from the clock “seconds” the hours before the hours you are counting? There must be a better way to count, or at least I don’t know of it.)

Time and seconds

How would you count in terms of time if the clock only counted one second, and did not track hours or minutes?

Well, this is the same clock, but now it counts “h”s/minutes/hours as well:

The time and seconds of a clock can be changed in the following way

What is the definition of a leap second?

One leap second is an “instantaneous or zero offset in synchronization” from an earlier timestamp. A leap second occurs every year (as the name indicates) at 20:45:00 UTC (2 hours, 43 minutes, and 23.5 seconds after a leap second).

What is “instant or zero offset”?

This is the same clock, but now the seconds are now offset

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