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BTS has grown so much they are now receiving over 100 votes for song that is best hip hop group. The BTS’s song is “Love Yourself” by the pop group B.A.P. and there is a lot of fan’s support for this new hip hop song. For BTS fans’ sake why is “Love Yourself” the best song? They were originally featured in a popular music video in which the members wore a t-shirt. Why is this BTS song the best one? BTS is the most popular group in K-Pop. This group is a hip hop group that is going through huge trend and also having incredible popularity and recognition. This song also has catchy and sexy lyrics and has a very nice production.

A new hip hop group and a group of hip hop enthusiasts from the U.S. has made a strong debut. BTS is a hip hop group that is breaking hip hop history. If this new hip hop group is the best in hip hop and music then it is now a question whether or not this group should be named as the best hip hop group in Korea. With the popularity of these new hip hop group, this question has become a big one among other fans in Korea. Let’s have a look at the results of the poll that was conducted by fans and the results of BTS songs that received a lot of votes. “Love Yourself” is the best hip hop group in Korea and the song is the best and first ever hip hop song by this hip hop group.

The poll was conducted on Oct 14, 2008. There were 21,541 votes and 1 song. 1,931 votes were for the song “Love Yourself”. The top vote getting artists of BTS and the best K-Pop group are:

1. BTS – Love Yourself (Hip Hop)

2. 2NE1 – Don’t Let Go

3. 2PM – I Love You Baby

4. BIGBANG – Red

It is a clear that the top three is because they are really popular in hip hop. For the second year in a row BTS got high votes in all the categories. The top of these two was a hip hop group by 2NE1. “Love Yourself” is a hip hop song and has great production and lyrics. This song also has a lot of fans that support BTS. This song and song of BTS is really good for K-Pop fans because it is hip

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