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This year’s “Rap Monster” event is scheduled from Tuesday, July 22nd to the 23rd.

So, who are the best rappers and what are their chances for making up the “Top 10 Most Successful Rappers” list?

Who has the best track of 2015?

If you look up and down, you’ll see a long list of talented rappers that have produced hits in 2015 like Nipsey Hussle, Tyga, 50 Cent, Young Thug and many more.

But who has the best track of the year?

While many rappers have the best track of 2015, nobody can lay claim to be in front of everyone else.

The list of the most successful rappers of 2015 includes Nipsey Hussle, Tyga, Tyga, 50 Cent, 50 Cent, Young Thug, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and more.

There are two rappers that took first positions in the rap hit charts.

But if you look from top to bottom, it’s the producers that really stand out.

Who is the most popular rapper of 2015?

For over two weeks last week, Drake was the most popular rapper on Twitter, as well as YouTube.

The Drake of 2015 was, in fact, the second-most famous rapper on social media and on Tumblr and Twitter in general.

That list includes Jay-Z, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross and Tyga. That’s quite a feat.

Jay-Z and Eminem have their moments, of course, but Jay-Z and Eminem are just ahead of Drake with nearly 9% of the votes and 1% of the votes respectively.

The Drake of 2015 was Lil Wayne when he put out his best album, “Dangerously Delicious.”

The Lil Wayne of 2015 is, however, ahead of a lot of artists, too. Here’s who has the most votes and shares the most shares.

Who is the most influential rapper of 2015?

Last year, Kanye West and Drake tied for the most social media shares of the year. And now, they are the next most influential rappers.

For his part, Drake has been making a name for himself for two years now and his social media following is growing fast. While many have criticized him for putting out too many projects before the fans, and making the album more of a singles affair, he has been really making waves with his rapping, too

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