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It’s a general term to describe songs that are 16 bars or less. The term actually means a song that is a quarter minute.

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What’s the difference between a “short” and “long” rap?

Short rappers typically rap between 6 or 7 seconds. Long rappers typically rap for less than 8 seconds.

When doing your rap checker, what do you do if you’re going for a long rap?

Usually one of the rap tools you’ll need is “the long one” and there are a couple of tools that come in that category such as the “long one-half” and “long half”. They basically measure the longest you can go for a rap. So, for example, if you rap 15 seconds with the long one there’s a chance you can even stretch out a song length to 16 seconds as long as you use the long one-half and the long half tools.

How long do you have to rap for in this song?

The length of a rap can range from 5 to 10 seconds and that depends on how good your MC’s skills are. If they’re really good at rap they’ll often rap more than 6 seconds but some rap like J. Cole or Busta Rhymes really aren’t that good and you need to be careful when using that little tool in some circumstances.

What happens if I’m doing it wrong?

The rap checkers are only going to tell you if your MC is really good at rap or how long you can rap. If you’re rap is longer than 8 seconds you will still get rap check errors.

I don’t want to do too much work on my rap checker – can I just make it a song I really got into?

It’s always best to go for a song you really enjoy. Even if the first song you make has the same structure you’re already gonna want to go for songs with different lyrics and different verses but that’s totally down to you and your audience. It’s all about listening to the music and taking the time to really get into it.

Does all the rappers do rap checks?

Most rappers from Detroit, New York and beyond do their rap check to keep their career alive and this is where most people make mistakes. A lot of people are thinking of doing the rap check on this beat but not for the lyrics. You should use this check for the raps but if they’re really funny it’ll be a good check for

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