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2. Bitch

1. Bitch

2. Bitch

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3. Oh, Shit

4. Shit

Why is there a question mark in the top corner of the barcode?

There’s a question mark on the top left corner of the barcode because the barcode numbers in the top left corner are used as the title of the song. For example, the second line of the first chorus of MOB is #2 from a barcode that starts #1 and ends #2. This is an easy way to tell when you have a bar code. If you get barcodes that start #1 and end #2 on the back cover, it means that the album doesn’t have the back cover cover design.

How can I distinguish between a CD and a cassette?

There aren’t all that many differences between CD and cassettes. In fact, if you read the back cover of most CDs and cassette discs you will find that the text is completely indistinguishable from the back cover of the actual CD. When you have a cassette or CD, there will also be a label that appears in the bottom of the disc. This label usually does not display any information but rather gives you the full history of the item.

How can I tell if I bought an MP3 file or an Apple file?

By looking at the back cover of the CD/cassette, as well as the label. By looking at the back cover of the CD/cassette, you will also need to look at the album title which will tell you the exact format of the file. The back cover of CDs, as you probably know, has the name of the artist and the barcode that identifies the CD. If the back does not have the word “Recorded” anywhere on it, the file does not have a CD. You can also look at the label. If the back has a sticker that reads “Produced by The R.E.M. Label Group” then the file is a pre-release.

What is the difference between a digital file and mp3 file?

The basic principle of MP3 is the same as the basic principle of a CD. The main difference, however, is that MP3 files have an equal number of track, a maximum number of seconds between tracks, and are generally divided into sections rather than being played individually, as are CDs.

How long is the CD in which I purchased it

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