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A bar is any kind of gathering, social occasion in the music scene where music may be played. One is one’s own club, one’s music room, or a large dance floor for large groups. A place that often happens to be a bar is a place for large gatherings that can be filled by music as well as for people to hang out together in group situations without having to leave the music for the crowd to hear. People tend to refer to a bar as a venue, even if for a larger event such as a festival or a party; however, for a small club it can also include a “fountain” where people pour drinks. In the modern age, a bar has lost most of its meaning of “partying place” (see below). However, in modern society, the word “bar” has become synonymous with a venue for music.

“Bar” in Music – Music has a great value in the music scene; it is the place where people meet to listen and create music.

“Bar” vs. “Venue” – Different meanings in Music.

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If you’ve spent much time at a game-show, you may have caught an occasional glimmer of recognition in the audience. A celebrity might glance over and say, “Oh man . . . that looks like a MOB!” In the last few years, that glimmer has become much more widespread.

On Saturday, I sat down with Mark Jaffe , the head of the American Society of Cinematographers and a founding member of the National Association of Motion Picture (NAM) Film Society.

Jaffe told me that the rise of the “MOB” has “been one of the most interesting trends I’ve seen in my career.” Although they’ve been around for a few years, they’ve had a “big” impact in the last year or so — particularly with movies like “The Lego Movie” and “Despicable Me 2.”

“It’s the first time in 15 years that we’ve had somebody like that be the star of the awards presentation” at the Academy Awards, Jaffe said. But even now he says there’s just a lot of mystery surrounding where their “MOB” stars come from.

Jaffe first

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