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It is the official abbreviation for the “Online Gluten-Free” product from AGLA’s website. It’s the most widely used abbreviation in the industry since it is frequently used on packaging and in social media. It is usually seen on the product label, in the product description and frequently in company media coverage.

What’s the difference between the GF and Paleo brands?

The GF brand has a gluten-free profile and therefore offers several features that other brands lack:

GF labels are often thinner than those found on normal brands.

It’s possible to find a number of other features on the GF label that are exclusive for The Paleo Diet. I’m sure there are many other features of a GF product that are not included in the Paleo Diet.

While The Paleo Diet has the same GF label standard as other products in this space, it does not guarantee that all other brands have followed its gluten-free standard. The GF product is not free of gluten; if the product uses gluten-free products, the label must say so in their respective product description.

Can I switch or replace an approved GF product?

There’s no way to switch out products at the point of sale. Customers have a choice whether or not to purchase the products after they’ve received them. Any product that is gluten-free may still contain other ingredients, and may be used at any time as described on the label.

What if I don’t want the GF label?

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use a product that’s currently approved for the product you want to switch to if the label says: ‘Gluten-free’ or with a GF logo. However, this is not an option for people who have not received the product in an approved form.

I’m having problems with gluten and/or celiac disease. Do I have to change my diet?

The answer to that depends on your current level of celiac disease and how you are currently coping with other problems. Celiac disease is a metabolic disease that causes an autoimmune response to gluten, and has a lifelong onset. It is not a short-term condition that responds well to diet changes, however. Most people will eventually resolve the symptoms of that type of celiac disease; they may be able to resume eating normal foods and eating more gluten-containing foods.

Some patients continue to have a lifelong sensitivity to gluten in their digestive tract. These patients may find it difficult to

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