What does OG mean?

This is the way we are using the name “Omar” in the community. The first four letters mean OG in Arabic (الي). This is a shortened version of an Arabic name Oman .

“Omar” is a shortened version of Oman .
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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Ali-G and Ali-Zad to create an Arabic-themed skin for players. The first four letters of their full name and their full Arabic name means the same thing, so we have chosen the name, which means “The Lion King” or something like that.

We can’t wait for your feedback!

Omar is meant to be the best player in the world and we want everyone to share their true feelings with him. Your opinion is valuable to us and we do value your opinions. You can see our entire Community discussion here .

Check the preview below to see all the available skin colors to choose from in the player preview:

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Head to Dushnikh Yal, and pay off the money owed by the Burdenspren. Head down the river to the ruins of Blackwall’s Hall, and speak with the man working there in the bar.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The Burdenspren [ edit ]

Enter Blackwall’s Hall [ edit ]

Blackwall’s Hall is the basement of Blackwall’s house and can be accessed at any time after the quest “Blackwall’s House” and before completing the quest “Lost in Love,” if the player has completed the romance route with Baren, which may result in the Burdenspren having to be paid off. It is the basement of Blackwall’s house, in a room with a table and chairs (the first room in the house, when in the basement). It is empty, with a single dead creature with several gold pieces on it which you can pick over and pickpocket. The dead creature is labelled “Corpse of Baren” (the name of the first love interest of Baren). Baren can be found in the second room of the house on a shelf to the left of the chair, with two