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As mentioned before, most language is an evolving process, meaning new words and expressions emerge all the time. However, a particular slang term may have a long history of usage in the English language.

Some examples of slang words in contemporary use include:

Rap – used mainly in the US to refer to an image of a rapper with strong body and exaggerated facial features or a particular type of clothing

Blip – a person or a group of people who appear on MTV

Raptor – a person who raps

Rap Monster – a guy who rap in nightclubs

Fantastic – something that is truly spectacular, something not possible within the laws of nature

Gangsta – someone who raps, usually with a sense of humor, sometimes referring to one’s sexuality

Mangina – a person who pretends to be a woman, such as an actress

Ripper – a rapist, particularly a male rapist

Rapper – a young boy who raps

Gangsta or Rap Monster – a rapping man

Crap – something that should never be done

Kraut – a drunk person who gets into trouble

Dude – A male teenager often referring to a woman

Suck – a male derogatory term for a woman

Pimp – usually used as a derogatory term for a male. A common misconception is that the “pimp” is a male rapper.

Limp – someone who is a bit of a loser

Sugar – usually used as a derogatory term for a woman, usually referring to a drug addict’s lifestyle

Worm – a person who enjoys being used and exploited for sexual purposes, also called a male prostitute

Ya bum – a male who is of lower status than an average man or manhood.

It is important to note that there are some very common types of slang, such as those mentioned above, which are not part of the modern slang dictionary.

If the words used in the following examples seem unfamiliar to you, do not worry, they will be discussed in a later lesson.

Slang and slang words in the news:

In the news, slang can refer to a number of aspects of news coverage.

Slang: the popular words spoken to and by people in the street

Words: the jargon used by journalists in order to get information and report on a story

In the slang world,

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