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Em. “I think that when you hear my songs you can pretty much figure out who I am as a person if you know anything about me. That’s the kind of artist that I am and that’s what I like to do. My music is for everybody, that’s what I want. A lot of it is in the rap world and some of it’s not.

“I don’t listen to all rap. I’ve only got so much money so I’ve got to listen to something, just listen to something if it’s good. I don’t listen to anything that’s not good.”

(On Eminem’s new album)

“Honestly this is Eminem’s debut and he’s the only one who is allowed to record an album now and he’s done it himself. Everybody that is associated with me is the only one who was allowed to record it and that includes everyone that is associated with all the records of a hip hop album.

“It’s all me and it’s all my record company so that’s a good thing. I don’t think that anybody else had that deal except Eminem. Everybody with me has the same deal and a few more.
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“And it really helped me. It really helped Eminem because I could see him through to the end. I was there with him in ’97 and after that all of a sudden they were taking a stand on the issue of gun control. The whole ‘no guns’ thing was really interesting to me. I got a hold of the press and it was hard to make the story change. We are able to get press and it’s good for me because now I’m able to get media attention from all over the place, not just from rap circles but any place in the world.

(on Eminem’s new album)

“He actually really put together a whole album. It’s kind of a different album. I guess he really didn’t change anything that much. The beats have really changed so much but it’s still got the same type of feel and I guess that’s the kind of vibe that it’s supposed to have.”

(On Eminem’s new record)

“He basically re-recording his last album which means there’s no guest musicians. There are no guests on this album but he did bring out some people and that’s kind of it. He didn’t write anybody out of thin air.”

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