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What’s his favorite rapper/vocalist?

Who’s that friend of Marshall Mathers?

Was he in a band called Kool G Rap ?

How has he been on the road performing without his wife for the past six months ?

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The latest controversy at the University of Central Florida, involving the alleged sexual assault of a female student by a football player, brings to forefront the culture of sexual predators at this school. It has also sparked outrage that college football’s governing bodies are not doing more to prevent the sexual harassment of women on their campuses.

On Dec. 2, the alleged victim of the sexual assault filed a complaint with the U.C.F. Police Department.

In the complaint, filed on Wednesday, she accuses a football player named Cameron McIver of sexually assaulting her on Dec. 7, 2013, in the University Center building. McIver is a defensive midfielder for UCF.

The report, made available to The Chronicle, does not give specific details about McIver. There is no indication if the attack occurred inside or outside of the U.C.F. building. Police are still determining whether McIver was involved in a sexual assault that occurred in the student’s apartment. Police have also identified McIver as a suspect in a separate incident that occurred in December in which a UCF student said McIver followed her home. When she tried to open her car door, McIver allegedly pulled one end of the door until she was forced to drop her key and leave the car. She later reported the incident to UCF police.

The rape victim and other witnesses had provided details to UCF police that were not publicly available. But the full report is below, and there is a police summary that outlines the incident, as well as information about a “precautionary statement.”

The Chronicle has also requested more information from the complainant’s attorney, William Smith, and the university, as well as the university’s sexual assault program that includes a victim’s services coordinator, a coach and a victim services coordinator.

The victim did not file the complaint until Dec. 13. When

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