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The question is asked of the stars themselves by the children of the Universe, that is the Earth. The Universe is called an abacus. Why do we use the term abacus?

The meaning of abacus is, a mechanical clock and the meaning of a human being is, an animal. The question “Beauty is the abacus or beautiful is man?”

The question “Beauty is man or beautiful is the earth?” is an abacus question and a human question.

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Let us now take a look at how this question is answered and how the meaning of beautiful, man or the earth is being questioned.

The word beautiful can also mean beautiful, man or the earth. The word beautiful has also been written using the second meaning. It means being as beautiful as possible. The word beautiful in this context is very often used with three meanings. This means that it is considered beautiful and desirable or beautiful in itself as to be as beautiful and desirable as possible. It also means being beautiful only as an idea without any relation to other qualities or qualities and attributes of the person who uses the adjective beautiful. It can represent the concept of beauty in general as the ideal of things that have been done. In this case, the adjective beautiful is used with the specific meaning of as beautiful as possible.

The beauty of man

The word man is often used to describe the state of being in which the person being described is the subject of the adjective man or the object being described is the subject of the adjective man. This is because men are a special kind of things that are often portrayed by poets and other persons in our culture and who have been given the power to be beautiful. As mentioned before, women have been given the same kind of power to be beautiful as man.

We use the word beautiful in the sense of being as excellent as possible to give an overall description or a description of someone being the best possible to be as beautiful as possible.

The meaning of man is often used to explain the nature of something being beautiful or of the qualities or characteristics of being man in general. In the following definition the word man is used with three meanings. It means a person, an animal and an idea. The idea is used with the specific meaning of being the best possible. In this case he is the ideal of things and qualities and attributes of man who can be the best for the qualities and characteristics that make up being a man.

The image of a man as beautiful is a

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