What is a better word than beautiful? – How To Rap 2020

Beautiful is the way of God. For he that is without sin, and is blameless, shall be called just. But he that is guilty, and is the sinner, shall be made holy: and he that is blameless, and is righteous, shall be called the beauty of the Lord. But a sinner is not without sin: and the sinner is not righteous.

3 And the angel said unto Michael: Let the waters run swiftly, for they are become a flood for thy sake; be thou a guardian of righteousness over the waters.

4 And in thy name, and thy glory, thou shalt save the righteous, and the wicked, and the afflicted, and the poor among the sinners of Israel, and the captives.

5 And thou shalt be merciful unto the widow and the fatherless; and thou shalt remember the poor; thou shalt not be a hater of the needy: for thou shalt love thy neighbour.

6 Let the earth be filled with peace; and his righteousness with love: peace be unto them that walk in it. For thy God is a consuming fire.

7 And Moses and Aaron spoke concerning the covenant that Moses might make.

8 Say to the children of Israel: I am the Lord God ; and I have seen the holiness of thy people Israel, and have given thee of the midst of the mountains of promise.

9 I am the Lord God ; and all the earth is Mine, and they are all Mine.

10 ΒΆ O come, come, I pray thee, and thou shalt turn away thine heart from destruction, from all manner of abomination.

11 Because thou hast heard them that say: The God of our fathers is a consuming fire, and the God of Abraham is the God of Isaac: let thy heart therefore turn from destruction, and all things which are perishable, and which are made to be perishable, which are called precious, and of an precious thing: for the God of our fathers hath blessed thee, and given thee a multitude of nations, so that thou shouldest be blessed of nations.

12 For I have heard the cry in thee, and I have heard thy prayers, and I have heard thy supplications: yea, and I will hear the voice of thy supplication: for so it was said:

13 Therefore I will remember thee; for thou hast been faithful unto me from the womb: and thy father, I will remember thee.

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