What is considered gangster rap? – Rock N Learn Addition Subtraction Rap

Gangster rap has been around for quite a while, but we now have more than 100 street artists dedicated to spreading their name, image and message. Gangster rap is based on the belief of using every element of a street style to make an idea popular and a brand.

While gangster rap differs from most street styles at its core, gangster rap doesn’t shy away from using the language of hip hop and hip-hop culture. The idea is the same – make the music that the music industry would want to hear – and use every tool within their arsenal, especially those from the hip hop sound to promote their music and brand.

The genre of gangster rap has exploded in popularity from 2013 to 2014 with a number of artists appearing – including Lil Wayne. It now covers many topics and concepts common to the underground and mainstream.

What can I expect to hear from a gangster rap artist in 2017?

If you’re into street culture and the gangsters you love, you need to check out these artists:

Kool G Rap 2:40:

Who’s behind it? – Lil Wayne

Why? – To create an artform with originality

Who’s the rapper? – Lil Wayne

What style of music do they make? – Hip-Hop

What does he look like? – Hip-Hop

Do he and his team go to bars? – Yes

What does he wear? – Slim Cut Slims

What are some of the rappers he’s helped? – Kid Cudi, Kid Rock, J. Cole, Action Bronson, Drake, Gucci Mane, Lil’ Reese, Action

Lil Wayne – Kool G Rap 2:40, the second installment in his series “Who’s behind it?” is a very popular rapper.

With that said, the rapper from New York, New York is the only member of this gangster rap artist group who has a full-length album that’s about to be released.

When will it release on iTunes?

You’ve probably heard of Lil Wayne or one of his more famous tracks – “Way Better Than Me 3,” but if anything, Kool G Rap 2:40 is your new favorite. The second installment of Kool G Rap is an original style and has an entirely different sound to it. The title track “Way Better Than Me 3” is as close to being a hip-hop song as you’ll hear

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