What is considered gangster rap? – Why Is It Hard To Rap

Gangster rap is considered a type of hip-hop music and has a lot to do with the style of rap music, but it’s still based around the lifestyle of gangsters – they have their own style of music, style of clothing, mannerisms, etc., and it’s a lifestyle that is considered gangster.

[9:42:40 PM] joeldalais.moderator: And I see you’ve posted some really nice screenshots about your favorite video game, GTA V in the past which I’m sure has your attention.

[9:43:13 PM] joeldalais.moderator: The fact is, it’s a game that has nothing in common with gangster rap. But I can understand why people like you are so obsessed with it, it’s a pretty cool game.

[9:43:25 PM] joeldalais.moderator: A bit of what I mean by that is that the first two songs you made are pretty close to the first two songs on Gangster Rap, except for one, “The World of Yo” – which I think is a better use of that album cover.

[9:43:33 PM] joeldalais.moderator: For the first two songs in the video, I wanted to make something that would help to promote GTA V (or some form of it) but I had just gotten back from the game and I didn’t have much time to make videos. So instead, I decided something more artistic and less repetitive: a song about a drug addiction, or addiction in general.

[9:44:25 PM] joeldalais.moderator: And it worked pretty well actually because it reminded me a bit of a drug movie, which I had never done before. But it still did well with my audience for that reason (at least I think it did).

[9:44:53 PM] joeldalais.moderator: I’m hoping one day I’ll get all the free time to make videos I want and it’ll be all like the second game trailer, and just make up lyrics and rap them and it will be all good. That’s one dream I have which has some merit to it.

[9:46:03 PM] joeldalais.moderator: Also, if you guys want to learn more about hip-hop then I’d

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