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A lot of the times I don’t use words on the show. You should really go look for it [laughs]. But I do know Korean rap, at least when I was growing up.

Are you into dance music?

I don’t do dance music. I’m a DJ but my friend [of mine] makes it for us and I’m in awe of his performance. I don’t dance, but I get really into the production. I play the drums in a band and everything has to be so smooth. If I go dance with a girl and she looks pretty then I’ll dance with her because I love her. I know the type-A girls who like the kind-D girls that move and move fast. I know that kind of love, so I’m into that.

Do you have anything in particular that you’re looking for?

If you wear a long-sleeve shirt and jeans with a jacket and I have a hard time looking sexy, well, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. You just have to find a way to dress for a party. If you see someone and you know they’re going to have a hard time finding some kind of outfit, you’d look good in them too.

Do Korean people look down on foreigners?

If you go to an airport in Korea and you don’t see lots of foreigners, it means that they have this mentality that if you’re poor you don’t make anything, that only the rich go abroad. And as for foreigners, the best thing that we have in Korea today is that foreigners can come and live here. And they make it to Korea for free. If you go to the U.S. or the Great Britain — the countries of western nations — you have to pay your taxes. In Korea if you’re an international student you’re probably going to pay the fee to come here. If any foreigner wants to live in Seoul, he or she gets one year of free tuition.

In Japan too they are so much richer and even though I lived in America and I got free education it was still a pain to get a passport. In the U.S, they just let you move in and out, basically. So how come the other countries don’t do that? How do the Americans complain about that? I think that they get fed up, and that happens. I think they get upset.

Which foreign country do you find the most bizarre?

In general, I

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