What is Korean rap called? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Ceremony

Well, Korean rap is a style of hip hop known for being difficult to understand, and a big part of the appeal of it lies in its complexity. The genre started in South Korea, which is not that far from the United States. While North Americans generally associate with rapping, South Koreans consider themselves a distinct community within the country that was also known before, and sometimes in addition to, “rap.” In order to be considered “hip hop,” a particular song must have elements of hip hop music. Although not exactly hip hop, K-pop and heavy metal are examples of the genre. To really understand what Korean rap is, it’s best not to look at the songs, rather, just listen to this:
Dinosaur Rap by Rock 'n Learn on Apple Music

That’s all about the Korean rap genre, but here are some other things you might be interested in hearing about: How do you pronounce Korean rap? If rap was a word, how would you pronounce it? Rap songs in Korean are very complex, but they actually sound easy to pronounce and learn. The only time you don’t want to learn Korean is when you want to eat Korean food. What about a foreign accent? Is there a difference between “hip hop” and “jazz”? Does “hip hop” actually have anything to do with “funk?” The Korean language has a whole range of terms for music that aren’t related to music in this video and don’t rhyme.

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