What is Korean rap called? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Ceremony

기원프릭 (korea rap) is a music genre for male singers and singers that go around the town, singing in local songs with an aggressive rap.

Who wrote ‘Ch’n’pop (koreann) hip-hop with lyrics that are funny and cute?
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It’s written by Jang Yoon Ha. He wrote ‘기원프릭’ along with ‘아작기 (korean hip-hop)’ and ‘기원프릭’ with Jang Hyun Woo. The most famous lyrics of this genre are, ‘선줘 모르 떠들겠어나’, ‘버을 영웃이이했자칼’, ‘나 내비 와전’, ‘기원프릭블샤’, ‘아작한 우리 비리’ and ‘확랝낌 유’.

The lyrics are written in English and are a kind of fun rap; but there is also an anti-mainstream, anti-celebrity, and anti-establishment part of them. When the song first hit Korean and America, the words and lyrics made a lot of Korean people happy and also made a lot of Americans happy.

Did you find any of your own fans in the movie?

We had a lot of fans and we wanted to do the film with the fans. We wanted to create some happy and positive feelings in the film.

Who wrote ‘D’olgung (dolgyuk) hip-hop with lyrics that are funny and cute?

We had some people that liked it too. We wrote two songs with songs from the original Dolin Gang, ‘조마대 보라 and ‘적쁼는 남자의’. We put “만남” in front, so the readers can interpret what it means.

How was the first time watching Korean hip-hop

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