What is the average salary of a rapper? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easy Things To Make And Sell

Well if you think it’s low we can’t believe it! The average rapper, according to Bitch Media, works just $7.6 in the States. That’s the same average salary that a firefighter made in 2013! That’s right there, in a country that paid $10.4 billion last year in income tax, the average rapper is making just half that. In fact, the average rapper pays less then the average American who is making more than they did 12 years ago. It takes a lot of work to even get a chance at being in the limelight, especially when you’re just a guy who does a lot of music and doesn’t need a serious job.

7) Is a DJ really worth $5m?

There aren’t any DJ’s around? I want to meet one so that I can make my dream come true.
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There are no DJ’s in the States. There are no DJs worth $5 million. There is no one who can play a CD, play an album, play a mix, remix, or do any more than that, at that time. The DJs here are all just like any other musicians and they make their money doing something else then that. One example is the famous DJ Z-Trip who plays a mix every night that is so popular that only he and his closest friends are allowed in the club. Not the only DJ in the United States doing just that, there are so many more. A lot of DJs go to New York, Los Angeles and even Chicago for live shows. But in this day and age, how much do a real American like to have. There are still enough DJs in the United States of America and the rest of the world that you can get to listen to music and see what they can do to get that attention.

8) How would you describe the sound of a country DJ?

I would say it’s the first step in building an individual brand.

Most of the DJs who come to the States are trying to establish themselves as a brand and getting people to listen to and trust them. Not everyone is an absolute success in this regard, especially as it relates to getting their sound to reach the masses. The most successful DJs today are the artists that can put themselves out there and speak directly to the public, so to put it simply they need to develop that sound and the sound of someone who has experience with live music. The sounds of some of these DJs are completely off limits. For example,

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