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The word is, of course, dew, or dwē, which is the root (Latin for “dew of grass”) of what we call “dew of life.” So dew of dew is what you get for walking through the woods, or a wet and sticky dew on a sunny day. And, as you probably noticed, the Latin word “dew of life” is also the root for “dew of water,” dēo WATER. So the same thing is true in Esperanto of dew of dew.

What is “wisdom”?

Wisdom is “life-energy.”

What is the Latin word for “wisdom”?

As you can see, you get wisdom, or juxta WISDOM, in the form of “wisdom” (the old English version of the word), with the prefix “wē.” Wis(ce)d-ly (Latin WIS (WIS = Wisdom) = Life) also has the same root in which you get the word “wisdom.” (wisse means “true” in Latin, and “wisdom” is often given in the sense of “truly truthful.”)

How about “spirit”?

Spirit is the Greek word “soma.” The Latin word has the suffix “soma”. Thus we have Spiritus, meaning “consciousness,” and Spiritus Mundi, meaning “a spirit.”

What is “spirit”?

According to Wikipedia, “Spirit” is a human-derived term “referred to by the Greek mythologist Pindar and many others as a symbol or metaphor for immortality.” That implies that, unless we start talking about a different word or form, we are all going in the exact same direction.

You can try to get your kids to take a drug test. Some states require it. But even if a school allows drug testing, it can be a stressful experience for parents. In many cases, parents will be pressured to get approval from school administrators before drug testing takes place.

Parents have a right to know what is being searched for. They should get information about what tests are requested, how they are being administered, and what they are required to do. It might also help to share what is taught in the classroom: drug testing is a violation of school rules. If you have questions about a school drug policy, call the school counselor or office.

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