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No. I was thinking the same as you.

Did you know about these characters or the “A” game, did you watch it?

I remember you trying to show me how it could be done.

Was this ever your idea?

A little bit.

Who came up with this “A” game, or the idea for the other characters?
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Earl Grey. I had played around with a lot of characters. But he took the project on, and I think it worked. I think people have different opinions about what is a classic game, and what is not a classic game because of how they play it. I have to go on record and say that some of you were upset with me when I played these games with it.

Was there anything else about the game that you didn’t like?

I think you played these games with it on your mind. It was a whole world out there. When you play with this, you are the whole world. And it’s a whole thing. The things that I don’t like are the things like: I don’t like the way they give you some kind of code. No, they didn’t give you the key. I don’t like the way that you have to remember what you are told. I like the way you have to play in order to get the key. And I like how you don’t use the word-of-mouth. It is not about the word-of-mouth in this game. You are in a world before the word-of-mouth.

Where is this game? Can you tell me?

Go to the video player and you will see this whole place.

It says “Sons of Anarchy.” There is no mention of the show.


Can I look at these?

You can. Look what we find out. There is some pretty important stuff, though. When you think about the whole thing, do you think “Sons of Anarchy” was good or not?

I don’t think it was good.

It was not the best.


OK, how about the characters?

I think the characters would be a lot better if they were more fun. Not fun enough for me.

How was “Sons of Anarchy’s” success different from other successful games?

It was always in the realm of the future, and nothing was

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