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It’s true that “Gorillas” is the original title for the song (see an image of the album cover, below), but “Gorillas” is really the name of an animal from the subfamily Sireniae (Gorillas-like animals).

The Gorilla’s name is a combination of the Nubian names G. or Gor, meaning “monkey” and L. or Lus, meaning “horse”.

Gorilla-like animals were first spotted around the time of Christ, around 100AD, but the earliest references are made between 1005 and 1200. For most people, the name “Gorilla” comes from the Nubian word “Gor”, meaning “monkey”.

The animal is not a type of gorilla. It is a separate, unique animal with a very similar face.

Gorilla is the one that the rhymes with Gorilla…

A former state police lieutenant has been sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting into a barbershop with a .45-caliber handgun and killing a customer and the shooter’s friend.

Mason Dyer, 33, shot 29-year-old Steven Lehner during a Feb. 6, 2011, dispute at the Woodlands barbershop at 4900 West Main Street off U.S. 31 in Plano.
‘the gun used in the deadly shooting never made it to an armed state trooper who chased after Dyer the next day, claiming he could hear a “loud pop” from inside.

Dyer, a father of four, was on probation in 1995 when he was arrested after a traffic stop on North Central Expressway for speeding. Dyer allegedly admitted to shooting Lehner after trying to drive away from police with weapons in an unlocked trunk, but then said he’d lied to stop the stop, according to prosecutors.

At trial, prosecutors argued that Lehner had been unarmed when Dyer opened fire and did not intend to do harm.

The jury acquitted Dyer of five charges he faced, including attempted murder and first-degree assault and battery.

Dyer could still face other charges related to the shooting, including aggravated assault.

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