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Yes, it is the rhymes of G (sometimes called a rhymes with G) used to make the name of the song G.

The most common spelling is “gong”.


The name “Gangnam Style”:

is a common name for a music video created by SM Entertainment. The song uses the name in its lyrics (meaning it is a rhyme of G), and in its official music video (which uses the name in the video’s logo.) However, the names of the songs Gangnam Style and G are different.

There is also a name for the music video, which is the “Gangnam Style Special”, which has been covered in other media including Korean newspapers, news websites, social media platforms and blogs.


Where it is said that some people can say it without thinking “G”?

I think it is said to be only in Korean and it was written in the dictionary incorrectly. If any Korean person has a hard time understanding words that do not actually have a Korean word, they can just look up what word they mean and then ask their friend’s family of the word.


And how can you pronounce the name of a song, like Gangnam Style or G?

It is pronounced “Go-nim” or sometimes as “Gangnam”. It means “to sing songs, which has to be sung over and over,” but if you have any doubt about the pronunciation, you can ask your friends and they will probably tell you that it is pronounced “Gong” (Gong-nim; meaning singing songs of any kind.) You can also ask your mom to listen to the song and see if her pronunciation gets any better. If not, you can ask your family if they can listen to the song and help correct it.

There are so many more songs like this, but there are other famous songs that are more well-known in Korea (like One Direction or Super Junior.)

There is a song too called “Gangnam Style in 2 minutes, 13 seconds: 1:05” on YouTube , which uses the name G in its title. And in my opinion, this song is better!

There are other popular songs like these, but they are just not this famous because they do not have as many fans!

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