What was the 1st rap song? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Slowed Reverbed

Kris: What was the 2nd rap song?

(a) The intro.

Kris: The intro was “Pray For Me.”

(b) The Outro to “Pray For Me.”

Kris: It’s a song, but you guys probably won’t be seeing it, cause it’s not in any of your album.

(c) In a movie called “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.”

Kris: That was a movie made by Lionsgate…a few years ago.


But there’s a bunch of other great shit that we’ve been doing on our “No-Solo-Records” episode of the RapGenius Podcast…

Kris: Check these out…

Kris Brown’s “All-Time Rap-Lyrics”

Holly: Can’t wait, Kris. What’s the 1st rap song?

Kris: The intro.

Holly: I need to hear one of those songs…

Kris: “Pray For Me.”


So what was the first rap song? (Kris’ 2nd rap song. No, seriously.)

Holly: Kris’ “All-Time Rap-Lyrics”

Kris: [Dont tell me what this is for…] That shit was a great first song when I was about 13, 14, in college: Like, a good beat. It’s about God, I guess. “Pray For Me.”

Holly: Is “All-Time Rap-Lyrics” like the best rap-song list?

Kris: Oh, you know what? That’s a great rap-song-list!

And also…

Kris: Can’t wait for a better list!

So this week on the No Solo Recieses of the Week, I gave you a special request which has really changed my way of thinking about my favorite albums of all time. Kris Brown…

Kris: “Pray For Me.”


So what was the 2nd rap song?

Kris: Oh no. You should not be asking that, you should be asking what was the 1st rap song.

Kris Brown’s “All-Time Rap-Lyrics”

Holly: Kris, what

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