What was the first rap song? – How To Flow On Any Beat

This one [Cookie’s “Do You Wanna Bang?”].

You’ve been featured on many rap songs. Have you ever heard one that was better than yours?

One that was the better one and a shitload of other great ones I’m not going to mention.

What is the best thing about the Internet?

It allows us to connect with each other. You can connect with anybody, anytime you want.

Why did the Beatles become so popular?

Well, they put out that first music and that was the beginning of the Beatles or whatever. It’s hard to explain.

Have you ever taken a trip to a foreign country?

Nah, I’m Canadian. But I got to go to Mexico City recently.
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What is the most important thing for your fans to know about you (says you’re good)?

It comes to the point where it’s the main thing and I don’t have time to go to people’s websites, I get stuff to do with my day. So, I always say I’m a perfectionist. You’re never going to be as good as me but you’ve got to know the way I do things to make sure you enjoy things as much as possible.

What music have you listened to that made the best impression on you?

Probably The Beatles. Those were my first experiences listening to music.

What are your favorite albums as a kid?

Most of them were really heavy. I like ’em and I think I grew up with a little bit of those songs.

Who or what did you listen to when you were a kid?

I was like a big rockstar. I loved Pink Floyd, I loved Nirvana and I’m definitely into heavy stuff now.

Who influenced your choice of music as a kid?

I always listened to Motown. That’s why I wanted to become a singer.

Did you ever think of getting into music when you were a kid?

I never thought of getting into music so when I started doing it I was like, “That’s cool.”

What was the first song that made you a fan?

I just remember being amazed one night seeing the TV show ‘The Simpsons’ and being like, “Wow, this is crazy. This is awesome.” That’s how I got into it.

What are your favorite bands of all time?

I like

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