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(The decade begins on a Friday, the same day we were born!) Which of the following hip-hop albums have you currently listening to?

If I were to make a list of all-time greatest rappers I’d be inclined to nominate Eazy-E’s first solo album, Eazy-E’s Master Mind, followed shortly by Eazy-E’s Nervous Breakdown. These two albums are quite different in style, but one is obviously more influential in this day and age—one, for me, still remains my favorite.

How do you feel about Black Sabbath’s classic Black Sabbath album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and its lyrics?

This is a tough one! First of all, the lyrics of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are some of my favorite lyrics ever written—in fact, so great that I believe this album should be re-released on vinyl—so I’m very much in support of putting this record in an entire collection of classic, seminal Black Sabbath albums by Sabbath. I don’t have an opinion for how well the band did with this album because I don’t know what their intentions were for it at the time. Some of the lyrics are incredibly offensive, but I do feel this was one of their best efforts ever, especially the last few songs. This whole album should come together just right.

Is there anyone that you wish would’ve turned up on these albums earlier or be more relevant today?

No, I couldn’t possibly have any more people who I want on these albums than I do! I wish I had more friends who could still talk and be relevant today as soon as possible!

And finally: Is the best black metal band in the world right now?

As far as the best I can say is that if anyone can top Metallica as the best band out there now—the world of black metal is simply way different than it was when I was a kid and we were all growing up together—then Metallica can certainly do it! And yes, they’re on a different level than what I heard them playing when I was a kid.

It’s hard to compare to other bands. What I’d be most inclined to do would be to compare some of the greats in other scenes and see how those bands performed when I was a kid—what we saw them perform back then would be almost impossible today! So here’s to the best black metal band in the world today.

To learn more about the best black metal band in the

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