What’s MC short for? – Learn Rap God Lyrics Fast Part

MCD – Mature adult-rated; MCD is commonly abbreviated as adult-rated.

What does MCD stand for? MC – Methamphetamine; MCD stands for Methamphetamine Complex.

What does the MCD stand for? MC – Methamphetamine.

How long does the MCD stand for? MC – Days.

How old are the people taking MCD? Are the users 15-25 years old? (For now, I’m not including the teenagers as they don’t really exist yet). MC – 25-35 years old.

And why are you using MC? Is it to get high? Is it to get high on money? Is it for money or is it money for money? MC – In order to get high; to get high on money.

Now, why are the users of the MCD most likely to have a drug or alcohol problem? MC – Because they will keep taking and taking and taking and taking

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Why are the MC users most likely to have problems with other drugs? MC – Because they will take other drugs.

Is the only difference between the MCD and MCD use related to whether a person gets hooked on a drug? MC – Yes and no

How do you define “hit” or is it based only on the high? MC – A hit is the highest value that one can get in a drug or alcohol-free environment. A hit in the context of “other drugs” means a high.

What does “higher” status mean for the MC user? MC – Having a high

Why did you stop using MCD? MC – I realized that I did not need it anymore

What do the MCD users most want to change? MC – I want a life

What do the MC users most want to become? MC – Lawyers

MC use is much more common amongst males than females in Australia. Is this because males tend to use more and want to get more high? MC – Males tend to use more, and want more.

How does MCD compare to other drugs or alcohol? MC – Like other drugs, MC is addictive.

What is the difference between MCD and other drugs like ecstasy? MC – There is no difference.

MC use is much more common among Asians and South Easterners. Is it because they are less likely to use other drugs? MC – Yes, because they are more likely to use this type of drug

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