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When rap started being viewed as music for white audiences, just as a genre, and not art for black people. When gangsta rap was considered a gimmick, it only gave people a chance to enjoy it, but it wasn’t allowed to be a part of the music. It had to be a separate entity. That’s when people started to lose interest.

In the 1990s, the hip-hop scene started to get a lot more violent, a lot more drug-free. The scene started getting more black and Latino. By 1999, more African-Americans had attended colleges and universities than any other race. And a lot of us thought that was great. What about everyone else? We thought it was a huge mistake, and the kids should be in high school and working, and getting jobs. But then the whole thing turned into a joke. You know when the rappers get on TV and they do a song and they’re saying, ‘I’m not really a gangsta, I’m an American?’

We’ve got to put the hate back in hip-hop

It was a big turnoff. We still need a lot of people to make the game work in our community, and hip-hop has been at the forefront of that. But it’s time for a major change. Gangsta rap is the reason we have shootings and homicides and a lot of other problems. But that’s the music we should be focused on. It’s how music should be made.

People are looking for a way back.

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