When was rap born? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rapid Back

Did you watch it?

I was like, “What are y’all going to do? You’re going to show your faces.” At first, I’ve seen a bunch of different rappers, but I really didn’t see that at the time. As I got older, I started to see that a lot of people, they were using their art to express themselves and not just to make fun of someone else. If your own music is your art, then you don’t have to be scared of who or what someone else is going to be saying about you.

You can just sit back and not worry about who’s going to say something about you — and the rest of the world isn’t like you!

One thing I remember from my friend’s group, I don’t know her name, but she’s like “Rap was never really black and white.” And that’s just how it was!

In the same song on the song, Kanye says, “I was so black and white, it felt like I was just being pulled up.” I think that’s what was going on for a lot of people, that they’re just in some place where a group of friends — or just people they met and like — is saying this is black and white on some very shallow level. That was how I felt about it.

I used to be afraid to write songs about the things I love, but now I’m not like that at all.

It’s interesting that people aren’t afraid to take a stance from a black perspective, just that they don’t say “black” the way other people do, which may have been true, but I think a lot of people who weren’t exposed to it at a young age were very quick to get rid of music that portrayed black people that way. A lot of rap artists in the 1990s, like Tupac and Snoop Dogg and the rest, would go on and on about how they didn’t think of themselves as black at all because they felt like the blackness of other people was so bad, and I remember a lot of times when I was like “I was so black and white, it felt like I was just being pulled up.” As you got older, you found out that there’s a ton of other black rappers that are just as great at what they do. I mean, when is your time going to come — like when I turned 21?

Well, you’re 22.

Yeah, I know.

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