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No. I had this idea. I had this movie in the works. I’d just recorded a single for my band, I mean with a few others. It was like a concept that I had been working on for years. It wasn’t about rapping or whatever. It was about an artist having the power to make a music video that would be a statement to his or her fans. So when I saw it on YouTube it became my project. It became more of part of my life and made more sense to me than the fact that I had made a record. It made sense to me that it would be that simple, but because I didn’t have the video, that didn’t make it any easier. It just didn’t give me a more emotional response or reaction with that music than the video did.

Was it important to you, personally, to get over the video?

It was a personal project. It just worked better with the song and the video. It just became part of my life, so I don’t feel sad about it. I feel kind of blessed by it.

Why do you think that didn’t work out?
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I wish I could explain…there’s a lot of different parts to it that work more or less fine and they don’t connect well. When you do it right – you know, with a director’s vision or a producer’s vision or some other element – it really becomes something that I feel like it’s a statement. And for me now, if I were to make another art form where it was going to be just a video and not necessarily an album, it’s going to be something I would love to do because it makes sense to me.

I just had this conversation with a musician in the industry, and I said it’s been my experience the most, and I’ve talked my way out of almost everything, but I’ve had a lot of success, and I’m not even good at this business, and my career really started in the nineties. And as I sat and thought about it, what does getting released from this contract mean to me? It means I get to make a movie, which I can put up on my website. I could put up the music, which I can put up on iTunes, which I can put up on Amazon. It means I can put up an album and go out and sell an album around the world and I’m going to get a big amount of attention, and

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