Who is the best Korean rapper? – Everything You Need To Know About Rapping

I think we can talk for days over this.

Why can’t anyone talk about him? He’s so big.

I think it’s a different picture than the other songs since it has the same concept. There’s a very strong song here because I think Korean people love hip hop. They don’t necessarily like Korean pop. If they did, it would be a different track. But hip hop in Korea is not popular.

If I was to put it as a comparison, most other hip hop songs are very big. And the songs I think are really good are from artists with big names… I think that is why there’s not a lot of hip hop songs in the Korean public’s consciousness. For instance, this is one of their songs; and you don’t know about this one because it’s been around for so long and people have come to know that this is [one] of the best hip hop songs in the country.

But there are so many other songs out there that are not even as good. You can’t put all the hip hop songs into this category.

Why do you think you are able to do things on this level? You are a member of SHINee. It seems like every Korean is watching you so closely.

I don’t think this is something I will be able to reach even if I tried.

There are a lot of rumors out regarding the situation between you and Seungri. I understand that you have been accused of using SHINee’s songs in ads (in the United States) without their permissions. What’s your story, please tell me what happened.

Seungri is famous among many people in Korea for using our songs in advertisements in the United States because we wrote his albums and we are not going to sue him. So Seungri uses our songs for promotional purposes. However, we never said we wrote his entire albums.

He does say that on his site, but I think what kind of a song is he saying “my album”?

I think I created a song where I made use of every song in a new way.

It was a song called “Go.” I think that’s it. I actually wrote the original song. It was a song where my vocals would be recorded individually. So it was a one-off song and they took it from my studio. The song’s title “Go” was written by my producer, so I think it’s one

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