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Jungkook – JYP

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Jungkook was a major part of a group consisting of Park Joonho, HaHa, and Lee Yoochun. The trio had one of the best solo careers in the K-pop scene. Jungkook’s vocal capabilities were on point and his stage presence as well. The group had 2 full albums and two OSTs which are not only good, but also have good and original songs. He was the front man and main member of the team and he had the best career. He was a huge deal in South Korea.

2. Park Do Hwan | Moon Woo Joo

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Park Do Hwan (진록진) is known as one of the greatest vocalists in Korean pop. He has sung many successful songs in the Korean pop scene. He has done well with Moon Woo Joo, who is also a good vocalist but he seems to have the most success with other singers and acts. He is one of those groups with good songs but he also sings good for the girls like IU and Taemin. He got a lot of positive feedback from many Korean singers.
Rap de Luzu | Bambiel - YouTube

3. IU | Taemin


Taemin is an exceptional young rapper from South Korea. He has been on many albums and was popular with many girls as well and he is famous for his dancing. Taemin often had performances as a member of the idol group T-ara (펴소크) and has also been a member of other popular groups like BTS and 2NE1. His name came from Taemin and Jungkook from JYP. The other members of T-ara have also collaborated well with Taemin in various albums.

4. Moon Jae-hwan | Seungri

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Seungri is also known as a vocalist from South Korea. He is a very good vocalist as well, and is considered by many to be one of the best of the Korean vocalists. He has done a lot of great albums and solo work. He sang one of the best hip hop songs in Korea, “What’s Your Name” by DJ Snake. In 2006, he won the best Korean

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