Who is the best Korean rapper?

(or more specifically; which is better))

There is no better way to find out than to put an entire album of the best K-pop songs in front of you!

In the past we have had the pleasure of hearing some of the best K-pop albums released in 2016 as well as the best non-K-pop albums released in 2016. After all you gotta appreciate a great album on first listen. So we are starting off with an all-Korean album that will cover all of the bases (no special guest appearances).

Below is the list of the best K-Pop albums released in 2016!

1. Jang Gi-Hee-Namie

What makes its music so great?

What do you get if you mix a lot of good pop with great electronic and hip-hop. The music of Jang Gi-Hee-Namie is an amazing mix of both genres.

You can listen to this album online (available to stream on YouTube and Apple Music), with a stream that’s so fast and furious that it can take you by surprise.

The music is so fast it could be considered as something from the Future and it could even be considered a song from a new band to keep you entertained. If you’re not too familiar with Jang Gi-Hee-Namie, you can listen to this album with their track album in its entirety right here!

Check out “Ek Hana-Sun” from Jang Gi-Hee-Namie’s track album: here!

3. Big Bang’s “Don’t Come Close”

What makes its music so great?

BANG – “Don’t Come Close” has got to be the best songs composed by R&B Singer Bangtan. The song is so incredibly catchy and catchy, everyone would want to sing it.

You can access the original song from Korea here.

As a music consumer, BANG was able to produce something that I haven’t heard from any band in the past. I would also say that this is possibly the best song from Bangtan’s entire career! Even though I don’t always like their music, this song is probably their best so far.

Check out the cover for “Don’t Come Close” online: here!

4. Girls’ Generation’s “Red Light”

What makes its music so great?

It takes everything you like