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I’m very happy to say: D’Yves.” D’Yves is a self-described “recovering crackhead,” a term he coined from “recovering shit,” or the term used to describe cocaine use and how the drug has affected him and his family. He explained he used to feel like a complete failure when he left school because he was a “white boy who could not get a real job.” He recalled the time he went to work for a man named “D-Nice!” who told him, “This will be your first job. That’s great.”

D’Yves added, “I went to work for him like, ‘Alright, I’m ready for this. I’ve got something to prove to you.'” He said he left that job for another, the man who became “D-Nice!” eventually became “D-Nice!”‘s partner in crime (a.k.a., O.J. Simpson), where D’Yves said he “worked a lot more, probably for $300, more.” After that, he said he worked for a “lazy” but “friendly” black man named “Chic” who also became Simpson’s partner, and which he said he left because when he realized it, he felt like a failure.

At the end of the film, D’Yves said he has a “giant book of stories, and I’m ready to tell them about people who I love and respect.” For a guy who says he has been “a failure” in every regard imaginable, this story doesn’t seem likely. But don’t you dare say anything about D’Yves that is untrue. Or, at the very least, ask him if his story is the one that he wants, because he seems more than ready to tell it.

“He did not do this out of malice but to take advantage of a vulnerable woman. She was vulnerable, he exploited her.”

A former student who was sexually assaulted at the campus of the London School of Economics (LSE) admitted it was “not her fault” it happened.

LSE student Emma Carmichael had allegedly been sexually assaulted on multiple occasions by James Egan in the early hours of October 1, 2011, as she waited for her meal to be brought in.

Carmichael, who had been studying engineering, told the court she had to use a lift to carry her to her dorm room for the night. Carmichael then said

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