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She got a lot of praise after her song “You Are My Sunshine” went viral online in February, but there is also a lot of skepticism about this notion because they haven’t shown how the numbers of girls who have performed in the past year compare when she’s not the top female dancer.

The biggest problem lies in the fact that some of these girls have a bad reputation with a lot of men. They are still young girls who may be still learning their craft or are just not as powerful as other pop stars in the current scene. But there doesn’t need to be some huge difference in the number of female rappers in the K-pop scene to claim that these girls are not among the best.

K-pop is a very young scene and the number of rappers who have been in a K-pop group, are all around the same age. In terms of total numbers of rappers, the youngest group is BTS with six members while the youngest with two members is 2NE1 with seven members. But the K-pop scene is still full of people who are still very young.

So does it really matter about number of top male rappers in K-pop? As an individual, it’s still possible because there are some strong individual rappers such as Lee Joon Ki (currently #1 rapper in K-pop, and the oldest artist in the TOP 100) or Psy.

But the question remains whether these men deserve top honors. What is really relevant is the number of men who were chosen to be the top male rappers for K-pop.

As usual when it comes to K-pop, not one single girl in America gets the credit. BTS and 2NE1 and TWICE are also considered K-pop artists, but BTS gets a lot of the credit (which is a good thing to hear, because they’re the first K-pop group to get top billing on the Billboard 200 chart).

While the biggest artists are the ones who get labeled as the K-pop kings, only one girl in the US has actually been considered top female rapper. It’s Ailee who has been featured four times on Billboard’s “Top Female Rapper” list, and her fourth appearance in 2012 is #8 on the chart. Her last two entries are both on the second and fourth slots and both on the #26 slot, and her fifth appearance is #17 on the list.

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