Who started rap? – How To Practice Rapping


I’ve got something that’s interesting to talk about. Because I’ve seen you talk about what we’re doing in the studio and that you wanna move into the studio and try to get a lot of really good musicians, and then also you do that. So you want to be involved in what you wanna do. I’m a big fan of your work at the studio.

[Laughs] Yes, sir. That’s an interesting conversation to have for us to talk about that as well. But I’m just happy we’re able to do whatever we want to do out there today, and we get to work with the great people we do, but still have a good time in the studio with some real-time production, as opposed to just the loop of what you’re saying, when a certain song comes right before the song comes in, and then all these other things going on that can really be very interesting.

It makes for a good conversation to have and to talk together about what we’re trying to do and how we’d like to do it. And it’s also been a good conversation to hear how you guys are able to talk about that kind of thing out in the open. And I’m sure that when you get a chance to actually collaborate on something and you can talk about that kind of stuff openly, and what the challenges would be, as well as what the things you want to do are, as opposed to just the lyrics or even the music itself, as you are. I think it does just serve to make us even better musicians.

We definitely don’t have any preconceived notions about writing songs for this show, as it was originally written. We wrote songs for an episode of our show last season that we ended up not getting a second chance to do for the last two years because people were waiting to hear how it ended up. But it started as a musical, and then it became more cinematic. It became more a TV show, but our original idea was to be just a show that deals with the world, that doesn’t really have a narrative and doesn’t really have a point of view at all. But then you see how it fits into a genre, and then you take a step further to see why that genre exists. So there’s a lot of different things we had to do with this season: a lot of them were very musical, a lot of them were not so musical, and also some of them were still very music, but then that

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