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My boy Lil’ Wayne.
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I started with DJ Jazzy Jeff and I’ve been doing it since. It’s the same way with hip-hop and it’s the same way with poetry. You can’t write it down. It has to be there for you to hear it. I used to go to these places and the people would just sit there reading these rhymes like they were just another kid. It wasn’t like that at all. I used to go back and say to people, “You know this rhyme, ‘Dirt off a stick,’ that’s some real shit man. What are you reading, that’s real ass. You read that on the hood?”

I still don’t hear it that way, but I can hear this other story with “Stoner.” It doesn’t feel like a gangsta rap shit, and it doesn’t feel like a gangsta poem. Those words mean something to someone and it will stay with them.

If you think about it, gangsta rap’s like a street poetry, but it’s supposed to have some significance to that person. It’s like poetry, it has to really resonate with him or her. Like a lyric, it could be written with a thousand different meanings, but still it’ll have some meaning.

But with rappers who are so well-spoken and eloquent, they’ve got those same words. It has this ability to make people’s lives better, because they have that insight. It’s like they can’t really write them down anymore.

Why do you see rap becoming more popular now that the focus is more on hip-hop, instead of rock?

That’s funny, because it’s almost like you have to go back to the 1980s to get a perspective and perspective of how rap went from hip-hop. Hip-hop started after all. Back then, hip-hops were just the blues, soul, funk…the same thing. But it never really made any kind of noise. And of course rap today is in the same box as rock, it’s just so bright and hip-hop is just so bright…it’s so bright, so beautiful, everything about it shines.

So it makes sense now that it’s been able to grow and get more popular than it used to, because it’s just a brighter light from hip-hop, which has a lot of positivity now. Like back when it started, hip-hops were all about drugs and women

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