Who’s richer Jay Z or Diddy? – Flocabulary Songs

This is a classic example of the old “who’s hot” debate. Kanye West and Jay Z are both very smart and creative, each more so than the other. But the difference between the two artists is that the guy in the white t-shirt who wears his pants rolled in the waistband, the guy who dresses like a gangster for Halloween, the guy who dresses like he just finished working at the CVS in Beverly Hills is the guy who makes hip-hop music. These are the guys who are the real “artists” making music. Diddy hasn’t said a stupid thing in his whole career, and he’s the real artist. He may not be as smart as West, but he’s certainly not as creative. Kanye’s not even hip-hop’s most prominent rapper. Jay Z is.

Why? Because the difference between Diddy and Kanye is much greater than the difference between Jay Z and Jay Z. Kanye was doing music because he wanted to do something. He wanted to get a taste of what it feels like to be famous without being famous. That’s what artists do every day: they work through a system of privilege to get a taste of what it feels like to be famous without being famous. Being Jay Z is similar to being Kanye East: you want to feel “art” without being famous. The difference is that Jay Z was doing art for the masses, an art that would not otherwise exist. Kanye wants to be Jay Z, and in this case his music is a direct attempt to be Jay Z. Diddy is just putting out music that has the effect of being Jay Z, in other words: the product.

So, the thing the media needs to realize when talking about rappers is that Jay Z has done more of them than anyone, in all honesty. The amount of projects he put out over the last four years alone is more than enough to top the albums by Jay Z and Kanye. That’s because the only rappers that have been able to keep churning out work over a period of time without having a solo project is Diddy and Kanye West. They could’ve put out albums for all the rappers who’ve been taking their careers in different directions in a long time, and this debate wouldn’t have even bothered anyone.

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How about the artists that have put out an album in a week? How about some of the artists who’ve put out an album in two weeks? How about a project with a tracklist for a year? How about an album with

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