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As we say in this country, you get what you show for your time.

In a way, Drake is that time, but, like I say, Drake’s time isn’t just limited to the record industry; after a long, arduous career, we are now left with only ten songs to make up his rap canon. This is where you, the fans, come in. As the days go by, they are given some of the greatest music that most music fans have ever laid their ears on. Let’s take a closer look at ten of Drizzy’s best. Take a second to bask the new Drake.

A new study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has found that among Millennials who say religious beliefs make a difference in their lives, those who hold them most strongly are almost always religious. Millennials were asked to respond to the following statement: “Religion is important to you, but it isn’t a major part of your daily life because you just don’t feel it makes much difference. What do you think is more important to you, money or sex?” Sixty-three percent of Millennials in this sample said religion is a major part of their daily lives; just 7 percent said they felt religion made a lot of difference—which makes sense, given that this group of individuals is most likely to be younger and are still in the process of finding their religion.

PRRI then asked this same group of Millennials to state some other statements concerning religion. Only 23 percent reported “having a strong sense that religion matters,” and just 18 percent cited “knowing about the basics of religion.” (One would hope that younger people would be more likely to be able to name some basic tenets of religion, but this study suggests otherwise.)

Among the rest of the public, it’s no surprise that an overwhelming majority of Americans are familiar with basic tenets of religion (70 percent, to be exact).
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Most Americans (67 percent) reported that “I feel that religion makes a difference in my life,” though some groups reported feelings of “being a little unsure” or “not that familiar” with the “basic tenets of religion.”

When asked if they felt religion mattered a great deal, a majority of Americans—54 percent—said yes, some more than others. Nearly a quarter of Americans (23 percent) said they didn’t feel religion mattered a great deal, and 19 percent said it very much didn’t matter. Just 11 percent said religion made no difference to their everyday

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