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A little over a year after the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple has introduced the iPhone 5, but that’s not all — the company also announced a host of new handsets that would make it even greater.

And one of them is the new Apple Watch Series 4.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company wants to make the new Apple Watch the ultimate smartwatch device.

“We’ve got to find a way to combine the best functionality of a smartwatch with something that can stand up in a crowded marketplace,” Cook told CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on Thursday. “We think the answer is the Watch and our iOS platform.”

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Cook further added: “We’re working on a new kind of display in the Watch that can do things like gesture control with your finger or a voice.”

Cook also said that the Apple Watch would be the only smartwatch for an entire generation.

“We always thought that the Apple Watch wasn’t going to be successful because it was too big. So we’re going to get as many people on it as we can, but that we’ll be the ones that get the most use out of it,” he said. “If we can get 1 million people on it in its first three months, the numbers won’t matter.”

Cook emphasized that Apple would also use the Watch’s ability to connect with fitness tracking software in order to create more personalized fitness experiences.

Watch Series 3 is coming

Cook also reiterated that Apple is planning to introduce a new iPhone “in a few weeks.” That phone, however, will not launch as the iPhone 4S, but as the Apple Watch Series 3. The Watch will have a screen the size of that of an iPhone 5 and a thinner design compared to existing Sport models.

The Watch is already an accessory — in fact, its main function is the watch-and-eye interaction that enables it to sync with Apple’s apps. It will also receive new iPhone apps, which will also take advantage of its screen — like iMessage and Maps — to integrate more information into each notification.

The Apple Watch Series 4 looks to be an improved Watch and an iPhone 6 competitor, especially in the form factor. At its biggest point of release, the Series 3 was just a little thick — but not nearly as thin as the current Apple Watch Sport model. The new model should be considerably smaller.

In addition to the Watch and its ability to connect with third-party fitness products

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