Why is rap called rap?

We decided to make this album because there was a lack of content, a lack of creativity in hip-hop, a lack of creativity. For a long time, rap lyrics were used to show a certain level of brutality, but it was the violence that made the album. Rap’s violence was not just a style; it was a lifestyle. As a result, a lot of rap lyrics were censored, with lyrics like “Fuck you, motherfuckers/Let’s do some fighting/For the motherfuckin’ hood.” But we chose the name. We chose rap because rap means “power,” so when we came up with the name, we wanted to go with something that meant power. “Rapper’s Thugger.”

Tell me about being featured on a hip-hop album.

It was a little nerve-wracking. I was nervous but I still had fun. I started worrying about it like “I have to sing a line on this album.” But then I realized that I’m not about to go on the road and play in front of half a million people or a million people watching and a million social-media people. It’s about me and my music, and it’s about what I’d wanted to put on my album when I started this band.

What was it like performing at a school?

I wasn’t there every day, but I was there to see my fans. I was in a whole different world than I am on the road anymore. It’s different. You go to the mall or sit in the back of a restaurant waiting for your food or waiting for a bus. I don’t get out and be with my fans anymore. They don’t know that I exist anymore. When I go to school, I’m in class, but I feel like I’m not there. If I sit in the school office, that’s when my friends are looking for me because I’m not around, I’m not talking to them. When I go to school, I’m there. At the end of last year, the teacher actually had a letter, and it was from my school. He wrote that they really wanted to hear a song I wrote, because it was the year of my graduation. I just read the letter aloud. I was nervous, but it was good.

When I started the album, I wrote all the lyrics on my laptop. But then I realized, maybe I should have made the album on that laptop, because I’d be