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This year, when the new millennium dawned, most singers on the British charts had long since gone their separate ways. Only one artist managed to stay put: David Bowie. He was more than just a musical genius, having composed music that had stood the test of time. Yet although he didn’t stop recording, he never truly ceased to sing.

His music, with a voice as rich as that of the best classical singers of today, was a phenomenon by any stretch, and Bowie was the most successful songwriter in British music of the 20th century. The influence of his music can be heard in nearly every country, and, at its heart, in every single British identity and cultural institution: the British Army’s “War Horse” or its national song, “God Save the Queen;” the British navy’s “Blue Peter;” the BBC; the British Olympic movement; even London’s “Walk of Fame.”

Bowie was known for not doing anything without Bowie — the singer would appear at no other event in a black dressing gown, which allowed him to stand out in the crowd. Although he sometimes used songs from the music industry.

In the summer of 1994, Bowie appeared on the British Christmas show “The Christmas Invasion: ‘I’ve come as a friend, and I’ve come as you,” in which he sang, “I’m a star; here I come as a friend; I’m a star; and in my mind, I’m just another star, or an American star.” After the show, Bowie, who had lost his voice, sat for a portrait that posed a simple question: “Do you want to dance or sing?” And the answer was yes, in the affirmative. Bowie continued performing until his death.

Bowie was not the first British singer to make the transition from musical genius to cultural phenomenon. John Lennon (a fan of Beatles music) broke new ground in the 1960s by recording all of his songs on the same songbook. By the end of that decade, the Beatles had become a global phenomenon. And James Brown had become a global musical legend. In a matter of a few years, Brown had established himself in the U.S. as one of the biggest American blues singers. In Britain, his songs became hugely successful — a sensation that was widely perceived as a sign of things to come in British music.

But what had happened in the mid-1960s that could have such great impacts? It is the subject of a fascinating book called I

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