Can I learn singing at 30? – How To Learn Singing Notes Bavaro Hotels

I can’t, I’m only 20. At 24 I could go out and be a singer, but I have to wait till 25 (laughs).
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Can I learn to play the bass?

I’m not sure, I don’t have a good bass voice yet. It’ll come a bit later.

How long might I wait before I can learn jazz?

I think I only have about 2 years before I can do the jazz part of the orchestra.

Do you plan on playing in the symphony orchestra in Japan?

No, I want to play music I can’t play in Japan, and I’m not interested in symphony orchestra.

How are you getting along with your wife and kids?

We’re all very happy. I’m very happy that she’s staying with me. I miss seeing her happy, but I don’t really miss her, so it works out. She’s a Japanese and English speaker, so whenever I go sightseeing in America, I talk more about my family when I talk to the locals.

What’s your opinion on Japanese movies?

I can’t really say that I like them all, but I like those that are romantic. I like the ones that are about music, or the ones that make you think the protagonist loves the music more than he loves the girl. (laughs)

Are you going to try out for Noh stage in America?


I know you’re very busy at home, but you don’t seem as busy playing the cello‚Ķ

It’s too much work, especially working with other cellists (laughs).

Well, at this particular performance, your cello was played by Takafumi Ohtaka-sensei!

A cello’s not a cellist’s first choice, and even if it is played by a cellist, the sound is already quite difficult to interpret. With that in mind, I had more fun playing with this guy (laughs).

What was the cello like to play?

It’s strange, I think it’s more like a piano than a cello. I guess that’s kind of what you’d expect from a cello. It’s a bit noisy, so I didn’t mind (laughs).

Your younger brothers were on tour so were you playing all the same stuff with them?

No, my older ones came to the concert as well, so I

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